As a Producer and Director, I see many actors when I’m involved in casting, so I wanted to share some tips that I feel will help you do better if you’re an actor. Like many actors going through the audition process, do you instantly feel nerves? If so, you are not alone.

However, I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t put so much pressure on yourself. I will give you some helpful tidbits to help make the process a little less scary. After all, don’t forget it’s supposed to be fun. For those few minutes in the room, the role is yours and you have the opportunity to do what you love- act!

    One important tip is to go into the room confident. You as an individual are unique and should bring in your personality to show the casting directors. Remember, this is a time for you to express yourself as an individual and creative artist. Casting directors see many actors in a day, so you’ll want to make a lasting impression on them.
    Aside from personality, a good way to make an impression is by asking questions about the role you are reading for. It not only shows you are prepared, but it also shows you are serious about bringing the character to life. Sometimes it is difficult to make a strong choice when you only have a few sides. Therefore, by asking questions, you can get creative and develop more of a backstory. 
    It is also very important to be off book. When an actor brings in their sides and worries about the lines, it becomes very mechanical. I’d prefer the actor to be as off book as possible, this way it frees them up to insert life into the character. I understand that sometimes you get the sides last minute, but it is still important to do your best. To help with this, you should get comfortable with cold reads. This will help you tremendously in many situations. 
    In addition, there may be times where the director gives you adjustments and notes. This is a good thing! Simply take into consideration what they are saying and be flexible to give it a shot. Keep in mind, if the director does not end up offering you the role, they might see you fit for a different role. So, again, be flexible because they might ask you to read for that role with a short time period to prepare.
    Once the audition process is finished, always thank the casting director for the opportunity to read and build a rapport so they will remember you for the future. Above all, remember to be proud of yourself for giving it your best shot and keep moving forward, regardless if you land the role or not! 

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