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Red Money 
Starring Taryn Manning, Busta Rhymes and Kevin Dillon. In one year from today, the President announces all money will be “red.” Anything you turn in green you will receive back in red and failure to do so by a certain date will make all green money worthless; this causes massive chaos, kind of like ‘The Purge.’ We will be going into pre-production in early 2019.

Legends of Freestyle 

Legends of Freestyle is a documentary on freestyle music. By interviewing all top artists, such as Freedom Williams & Lisa Lisa, it delves into the history and movement of this genre.

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Wasted Talent

Wasted Talent is a gritty documentary where director Steve Stanulis and producer Noel Ashman together examine the temptations and struggles many young celebrities go through on their rise to stardom. It focuses on the story of actor Lillo Brancato who was once considered to be the next Robert De Niro, after his huge success starring in the films A Bronx Tale(De Niro's directorial debut), Renaissance Man, Crimson Tide and the classic TV show The Sopranos. However, Brancato got trapped in the underworld of Hollywood instead becoming a drug addict culminating in his arrest for the murder of a new York city police officer on a drug excursion gone horribly wrong. Though Brancato was cleared of the murder charge, he still did eight and a half years in jail on an attempted burglary conviction. During his time in prison, the young actor was finally able to get clean and sober and is now struggling to redeem himself in the fickle world of entertainment.

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Clinton Road
Clinton Road Official Poster

Clinton Road, starring Ice-T, Vincent Pastore, Eric Roberts, and directed by Steve Stanulis/ Richard Grieco, had it’s theatrical release in July 2019. It closed the GSIFF in March. The film follows the journey of a firefighter along with his sister-in-law who seek closure, after his wife mysteriously goes missing on an actual haunted road in rural New Jersey, by empowering a Haitian witch doctor to contact her spirit. To their surprise, they are haunted by the entities of past victims looking to leave purgatory by collecting fresh souls. He must unlock the road’s secret if he wants to get out alive!
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Garden State Film Festival Award 2019 Winner

Hinsdale House

Hinsdale House

Hinsdale House, starring Aly Mang, Steve Stanulis, and Eric Freedman, is described as Paranormal Activity meets Blair Witch Project. The house is billed as this generation’s Amityville Horror. It has a first look with Blumhouse (biggest horror distributor for Halloween and Quiet Place). In the film, actors and crew arrive at the actual Hinsdale House in upstate New York and prepare to shoot a horror movie over the next few weeks. The owner of the property offers a very real warning of the potential dangers of such a project, but the filmmakers are adamant. Before shooting can even start, the cast and crew are subjected to the very real evil that occupies the house and surrounding woods first hand.

Hinsdale House

5th Borough

5th Borough

5th Borough
Hell's Kitchen NYC Festival
Best Drama & Best Ensemble Cast

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5th Borough, starring Sean Young, Tara Reid, James Russo, Audrey Landers, Federico Castelluccio, Marc John Jefferies, and directed by Steve Stanulis, can be related to "The Sopranos" meets "The Departed". The storyline is about Nicks’ daughter, who is diagnosed with a brain tumor. He needs money- lots of it. On Staten Island, your options are limited, but you can always count on family. The film recently screened at Hell’s Kitchen Film Festival and won two awards- “Best Drama” & “Best Ensemble Cast”. The Netflix release will be in Spring 2020.

5th Borough

Race Against Time

Race Against Time is a documentary directed by Steve Stanulis. Starring Charlie Sheen, Bill Maher, and Derek Rivera, it follows the path of the Raffone family, whose son suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. At first, the family was planning on killing themselves, but then came across a possible cure for their dying child. The purpose of the documentary is to help bring awareness to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, in efforts to help save kids lives. It recently screened at NYCTV Festival and won “Best Documentary”.

Documentary RACE AGAINST TIME To Premiere Next Week

by TV News Desk - November 21, 2019
Imagine taking your 4-year-old to your doctor for a routine check up only to find out he has a rare disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy that effects boys between ages 3-5, and when asking the doctor how do we treat this, his response is "you can't... there is no cure"... Do you accept it or do you do anything possible to save your child's life. What would you do?

That's the questions and journey followed in the New York-based heartbreaking documentary, Race Against Time, by director Steve Stanulis that follows the path of the Raffone family, who at first were going to all kill themselves as an entire family, before coming across a possible cure for their dying child.
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Winner - Best Documentary Award

Award for Best Documentary - Race Against Time

Ghost Guidos

Supernatural spirits occupy dwellings all over the world and create fear in the hearts of many. But what strikes fear in the very souls of these spirits? A new wave of fearless and ambitious paranormal investigators known as ghost hunters. So what do you get when six such ghost hunters from Staten Island travel the country in search of haunted houses? ....

The Kreischer Mansion was built by German immigrant and business magnate Balthasar Kreischer. It is believed to be haunted based on several disturbing, tragic, and unexplained events over the years. In 1894, Kreischer's son Edward committed suicide and while he roams the darkened hallways of the mansion, cries from Edward's wife can still be heard inside the house. A German cook was brutally murdered in the kitchen and his spirit, along with many other sightings and occurrences haunt the Kreischer Mansion to this day.

Join Steve Stanulis Films as the Ghost Guidos explore this house and many more.

Ghost Guidos


Fifty Shades of Gray Meets Natural Born Killers

Slated Movies & TV Releases

Stealing Manhattan

Stealing Manhattan Drama Series

Stealing Manhattan is the true story based on the first American Pink Panther, Pavle "Punch" Stanimirovic and his crew orchestrating numerous jewelry heists in the NYC diamond district with a score of over 100 million dollars. Stanimirovic, who spent a total of sixteen years incarcerated for various crimes during his Pink Panther days, will unite with Steve Stanulis, for the feature film scheduled to begin filming this Spring. It's going to be The Irishman meets Ocean's Eleven. The story is just so powerful, based on true story and never been done before on one of the biggest gangs in the world.

"Chronicle of a serial killer"

The story of the serial killer Henry Brolin who targets women who he feels would eventually end up turning out like his mother. Starring DMX, Brendan Sexton, James Russo, and Dominique Swain. (Psychological thriller) .

"Men of Violence” (Drama) - Starring Mickey Rourke

When a violence-obsessed plastic surgeon accidentally kills the son of a mob boss, he has to become the baddest man in town to save himself and his family.

Red Money

“Ghetto Out" 100% comedy parody of the movie "Get out" Wayans Brothers

Ghetto Out

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