Content is king in the entertainment industry, but the fans are the kingmakers.
We believe that having an established fanbase has, and always will be, immensely valuable.

Move Fans

I founded Stanulis Films because I saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Fans hold great power in the entertainment industry. We buy the tickets, pay the subscriptions, and decide what to watch. Individually, each of us is just a consumer, but when we band together, we have incredible power. And now, thanks to the disruptive new capabilities of equity crowdfunding, we have a first-ever chance to build an entertainment company of our own.

When a fan invests in Stanulis Films, they become a shareholder of the company. That means they have a financial stake in the success of Stanulis Films, and all of the projects. This isn’t new—people have had the chance to invest in public companies like Disney and Sony for decades. What’s new is that Stanulis Films, is an entertainment company designed from the ground up to be owned by a large group of FANS rather than venture capitalists, wealthy individuals, or Wall Street investors.

We believe this creates a significant competitive advantage for our company. Aside from being financially invested, fans are far more likely to become EMOTIONALLY invested in our projects. We recruit our investors from our social network. These fans are not only more likely to watch the movies and shows they are invested in — they are also more likely to share them on social media, bring out their friends and families, cosplay as the characters, and go out of their way to support each project. We believe a company owned by fans has a unique ability to create the sort of authentic, grass roots buzz that most companies would kill for, but money can’t buy!

In addition, we believe a Stanulis Films shareholders can provide value in other ways:

  • We have a strong and growing base of shareholders motivated to help us find and identify emerging market trends, exciting new intellectual properties, and up-and-coming talents;
  • We have a built-in focus group that can provide feedback to help us evaluate content/ideas and make market decisions;
  • We have a source of energy, enthusiasm and excitement that can help propel both our projects and our company forward; and
  • We have a deep pool for crowdsourcing ideas and tasks, and many talented individuals willing to volunteer their time, energy, and expertise to help their company succeed.

Our long-term goal is to unite fans as shareholders of our company. we’ll have hundreds of millions of dollars to develop projects that have a million fans standing behind them. We believe that could make us one of the most influential companies in Hollywood.

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