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Film, television and digital entertainment is a global industry that generates trillions of dollars in revenue each year. As the industry grows, it’s constantly evolving.  Throughout all this change, the one thing that remains constant is the importance of the audience. Individually, each of us is just a consumer, but when we band together, we have incredible power. And now, thanks to the disruptive new capabilities of equity crowdfunding, we have a first-ever chance to build an entertainment company of our own.
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Clinton Road

Starring Ice T, Vincent Pastore, and Eric Roberts. The movie is based on the real-life Clinton Road, a notorious, 10-mile stretch of narrow road deep within the northern New Jersey woods, which has served as the source of urban legends about paranormal activities such as ghosts and gatherings of witches. It is also an infamous disposal area for corpses in mob hits. In the movie, a widowed firefighter seeks closure after his wife goes missing on an actual haunted road in rural New Jersey but must unlock the roads secret if he wants to get out alive.
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Hinsdale House

This is classic "Paranormal Activity meets "Blair witch" . Actors and crew arrive at the actual Hinsdale House in upstate New York and prepare to shoot a horror movie over the next few weeks. The owner of the property offers a very real warning of the potential dangers of such a project but the filmmakers are adamant. Before shooting can even start the cast and crew are subjected to the very real evil that occupies the house and surrounding woods first hand. Starring Aly Mang, Steve Stanulis, and Eric Freedman.
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5th Borough

COMING SOON: To rent or own the film 5th Borough, please access it through your favorite cable, satellite, telco, or digital feature film provider.

   Hell's Kitchen NYC Festival
Best Drama & Best Ensemble Cast

5th Borough is a TV series based on Staten Island. "The Sopranos" meets "The Departed". Nick's family is turned upside down when his daughter Skylar is diagnosed with a brain tumor. So he turns to “Family” friends -- the mob -- for fast cash. On Staten Island, your options are limited. But you can always count on Family. Starring Sean Young, Tara Reid, James Russo, Audrey Landers, Federico Castelluchio, and Marc John Jefferies.
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Clinton Road Coming to Theatres

Screening Locations

Laemmle Music Hall
9036 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills CA 90211
310 478 3836
Grand Theatre
4029 Interstate 45 N
Conroe TX 77304
936 856 9949
Kent Theatre
1170 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn NY 11230
718 338 3371

Arizona Mills 25
5000 Arizona Mills Circle
Tempe AZ 85282
480 820 0387
Gloucester Cinema
74 Essex Ave
Gloucester MA 01930
781 724 5368
Classic Cinemas 12
100L W Besinger Dr
Carpentersville IL 60110

Aurora Cineplex
5100 Commerce Pkwy
Roswell GA 30076
770 518 0977
St Michael Cinema
4300 O'Day Ave
St Michael MN 55376
763 400 8006
Atlas Cinemas Diamond Centre 1800
9555 Diamond Centre Drive
Mentor , Ohio 44060
440 352 8822

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